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Van Gogh Exhibit - Boston, MA February 10th, 2022 February 10th, 2022
Day in New York City 'My Way' February 12th, 2022 February 12th, 2022
American Museum of Natural History, NYC February 19th, 2022 February 19th, 2022
New England Sleigh Ride, Candia, NH February 22nd, 2022 February 22nd, 2022
Uconn Woman's Basketball Quarterfinals at Mohegan Sun- AAC March 5th, 2022 March 5th, 2022
Famous RI Baked Chicken Dinner & Twin River Casino, Lincoln, RI March 10th, 2022 March 10th, 2022
Mills at Jersey Gardens Outlet Shopping, Elizabeth, NJ March 12th, 2022 March 12th, 2022
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Silver Birches Resort, Hawley, PA March 17th, 2022 March 17th, 2022
Day in Boston 'My Way' March 20th, 2022 March 20th, 2022
Washington, DC March 25th, 2022 March 28th, 2022